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Ruiz Mission:

The strategic objective of Ruiz Brothers Construction Co. is to provide complete construction services to the communities of Southern California and to provide high quality general construction in all phases.

Ruiz History:

Ruiz Brothers Construction Co. was founded in 1979 by three brothers, Frank E. Ruiz, Oscar R. Ruiz and Ernesto R Ruiz. All three brothers had a common and passionate dream of providing complete building services to the communities of Southern California.

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Young Burlington

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Ruiz Brothers Construction will be breaking ground on a 21 unit Affordable Housing project in the next few weeks. We are excited to get this great project underway with such a great construction team. The architects of Young Burlington's great design are Tomko Well Group Architects and Ena Dubnoff Architects.

This 21 unit building will have subterranean parking with 3 floors of units above. The Young Burlington Apartments will sit on a 15,000 square foot lot located just west of downtown Los Angeles.

Mock Up

Ruiz Brothers Construction has been working diligently with one of our top clients. Ruiz Brothers Construction has built a mock up of a proposed project for our client. This mock up has helped our client and project architect see real life alternatives and defects which has helped in their value engineering decisions.
Ruiz Brothers Construction takes pride in our 31 years of experience which allows us to give great value engineering input

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Mock ups are one of the many attributes Ruiz Brothers Construction offers their clients. The proposed project consists of 33 units with a subterranean parking garage.

Rehabilitation Project

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Ruiz Brothers Construction finished 4 tenant occupied rehabilitation projects in the City of Santa Monica. We were able to complete these projects in a quick 4 months. The first tenant occupied rehabilitation project was 8 units and is located on Marine St. The second was 6 units and located on 34th St.

The third was 8 units and located on Centinela. The fourth was 10 units and located on Lincoln Ave. Ruiz Brothers Construction is excited to start a 13 unit rehabilitation in Santa Monica in the next few weeks.

Ruiz Brothers celebrates the Grand Opening of Morgan Place

Ruiz Brothers Construction teamed up with Abode Communities and finished Morgan Place in March 2009. This beautiful 4 story Mediterranean design houses 55 affordable housing units for senior living. Abode Communities excellent architectural department designed the building to go above and beyond the accessibility standards. Morgan Place surpassed California's Energy Efficiency standards by 20%.

Ruiz Brothers is proud of this beautiful building but more proud about being able to give back to the community. Ruiz Brothers Construction was able to use Youth Build during the Morgan Place project. Youth Build is a youth and community development program where young students learn skilled job trades and leadership. Ruiz Brothers had the pleasure of speaking with Jorge Mendez a student of Youth Build that helped in the Morgan Place project. Jorge mentioned that Morgan Place was a very positive experience where he was able to learn many different skills. After the experience Jorge decided he would like to pursue a career in construction specifically in "Green" sustainable projects.

Grand opening of Step Up on Fifth

On March 26, 2009 Ruiz Brothers celebrated their Grand Opening of Step Up on Fifth. Ruiz Brothers once again had the pleasure of working with A Community of Friends. ACOF partnered with Step Up On Second for this project that resulted in 46 single occupancy units with subterranean parking. Step Up on Fifth is located 4 blocks from Santa Monica beach. The area and space provided for the size of the project made it very technical and complex. Pugh Scarpa Architecture designed the building beautifully.

What is in store for Ruiz Brothers?

Ruiz Brothers is keeping busy during the economic downturn. Currently, we have started construction in two rehabilitation projects in the city of Santa Monica. The first rehabilitation project is an apartment complex with an average of 650 sq/ft per unit. The second project is an apartment building with an average of 750 sq/ft per unit.

Ruiz Brothers is also keeping busy with another rehabilitation project for a recovery center. The major rehabilitation includes the installation of a six story elevator, as well as the renovation of the bathrooms and common areas of the recovery center.

Lastly, Ruiz Brothers is doing minor rehabilitation work for a child care center called Centro De Alegria.